Should I have a beer with the painters?

paint test on house

The paint test we did on the front of the house while choosing a new color. This house has been blue since before we moved in (1998) so it’s gonna be strange to see it any other way.

We’re having the exterior of our house painted this week and, of course, the temp has jumped to 100 degrees here in Wichita. I feel badly that they are out there working in this heat and humidity and it got me thinking: what’s the proper etiquette regarding service and repair people visiting your home?

Besides just being the right thing to do, I’m wondering if there are certain gestures that result in a better job or an on-time completion.

Should I offer them water? I can see that they have a cooler and bottles of water, though, so they likely don’t need my water.

Should I offer them something else to drink? {I mix up a killer pitcher of Kool-Aid.}

Should I offer them a cold beer at the end of the day? I only have three Mich Ultras in the fridge and there are three of them … hmmm, I guess I could forgo today’s afternoon beer in hopes that my paint job comes out looking great.

Or do I need to go all Betty Crocker on ’em and offer some sort of snack tomorrow?

Should I invite them in to watch The Ellen Show and cool off for a bit? I’m sitting here with cold toes from the air conditioner in my office. But getting cooled down might make it even worse when they go back outside.

Are the rules different when the contractor is working on the interior versus the exterior?

Have I already been completely rude by not telling them first thing this morning that they should let me know if they need anything or need to use the bathroom??

OK, I’m starting to feel like a real creep now.

Please share your experiences and tell me what you typically do when you have a painter or plumber or electrician over working on your house. Hurry, they might only be here another day or so!

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  1. Karla June 11, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    Well, when I painted the exterior of someone’s home during my college days, I became used to “beer thirty” everyday. “beer thirty” would last anywhere from an hour to 3 or so hours. That was probably why it took me all summer to paint that ranch house.

    • Melinda June 11, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

      Well, I better get to a liquor store! lol
      Since they work for a painting company, though, I wonder if that would get them in trouble?

  2. Doug June 11, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    Oh MeLinda – so many issues with which to deal:
    – Yes – offer the bathroom but move your stockings first. Then again, they probably have this worked out.
    – Being the worrywart I am, I say no to the beer. Could be a lawsuit if they drunkenly paint your neighbor’s house on the way home.
    – Speaking of beer – you really should stock something else. Is this a Missouri thing? Do you know what American beer and sex in a canoe have in common?
    – I can’t believe you have that “rock” in your front yard have not been TP’d. Does Lee get equal space?

    • Melinda June 11, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

      I wondered who would see AND comment about the Mizzou rock. Yes, Lee has a Shocker rock too. But no kU crap!

      I know, I know … I like my beer watered down. What is the punchline to your joke?!?

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