In search of: someone who believes M-P-3 is an F-A-D

Do you own more than 10 CDs?

Do you quickly tire of getting up from your davenport to change those CDs?

Are you unfamiliar with the term MP3?

If so, I have just the item for you! No more aches and pains from swapping out your extensive CD collection: the Kenwood CD player with 200-disc changer will change your life. Guaranteed, or your money back. {Called the number on my pre-paid legal card and they advised I remove this line.}

According to Kenwood’s owner manual:

This unit can accommodate up to 200 discs and can be used like a home jukebox. Text information (disc title, track titles, names of the artists, songwriter, composers, etc.) recorded on the CDs can be easily called and displayed in alphanumerics. Desired tracks from up to 200 discs can be selected and programmed in the desired order (maximum 32 tracks).

Wow! Kenwood had playlists before we even knew we wanted playlists! This is ahead of its time … if you are living in the 1990s.

In all seriousness, this item is for sale. Make your best offer. I’ve seen similar items on Ebay going for $50-100. We mostly just don’t want to trash it and would prefer to deliver the item in person so we don’t have to ship 17 pounds of hi-fi greatness. Oh, and we’ll even throw in some handcrafted mix CDs. You like gangsta rap, right?

The player/changer works perfectly and the unit is in great shape physically. We are selling because we just prefer the sound of our 8-track and cassette tapes.

The Kenwood CD-2260M/DPF-J7010 comes with:

  • original instruction manual
  • remote control unit
  • power cord

We’re hoping it might be useful for a small business owner … or the person described above :D

Here are photos of the actual unit you would be purchasing. If you have any questions, please send us a fax.

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  1. Quailman April 25, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    Oddly enough, vinyl is making a comeback. Just sayin’ . . .

    • Melinda April 25, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

      I still have a few 45s and LPs!

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