The way the cookie crumbles: an anniversary present from Lee


Lee surprised me this afternoon with an anniversary present a day early — a dozen custom-designed cookies celebrating my big win in my fantasy football league this year!

Those who know us know that it’s uber-romantic for his gift to be sports-related. That is how we roll.

And I take great pleasure knowing that he went against every fiber of his being to order black and gold, Mizzou-ish cookies. Just gonna say now that I don’t plan on ever ordering Kansas Jayhawk cookies for him.

Our friend Stephanie Johnson runs Sweets By Steph here in Wichita and she made the cookies. She bakes a yummy cookie and her design skills are incredible — her lettering is awesome and she re-creates logos so well that corporate marketing teams will be happy. Check out her website or look at her cookie designs in the photo section of on her Facebook page if you get a chance — she ships all over the U.S.

Lee had Steph design the cookies based on my fantasy football team. I called my team The Zou and I borrowed this funny cat image I found online as my mascot/logo. The name of the league is Clyde’s Pride because it started as a group of coworkers at Cessna Aircraft Company, which was founded by Clyde Cessna. This was the league’s fifth year and while I’d made the playoffs every year, I always choked in the playoffs … until this year!

Thanks Lee and thanks Steph for doing a great job with the cookies!

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  1. Stephanie January 15, 2013 at 4:34 am #

    You have a pretty kickass husband who allows black and gold in his house…AND you also have a pretty kickass cookie friend WHO IS A KU FAN…that actually made some gold and black cookies for you! ;-) I mean really…what an AWESOME anniversary gift. LOL

    Seriously though…thank you! <3

    • Melinda January 15, 2013 at 9:42 am #

      LOL — you both are kickass {she said as she eats a sugar cookie for breakfast}

      Oh, and it’s not that HE allows black & gold in HIS house. It’s that I allow crimson & blue in MY house…in limited amounts. ;-o

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