I have issues: email

See that blog post title above? Yeah, I’m gonna just venture out there and say that I will be able to come up with content to do a regular series called “I have issues.” It’s really not going out on a very long limb. Cuz I do have a few issues.

Today’s issue: email kicks my ass.

I sign up for so many customer loyalty programs or subscribe to blogs or register products or enter contests that my email has become unmanageable.

Last night I spent about 4 hours sorting out my Gmail account. It went from about 1,500 emails in the INBOX alone to 239. I deleted a crap-load of them and put the others in folders. Now that they are in folders, though, I’m likely to never get around to reading them. Out of sight, out of mind.

My Yahoo email had gotten so full of spam and advertising that I created this Gmail account a couple of years ago. I transitioned to it for my main email and the one I use for my freelance business. I still have the old Yahoo account and use it when I’m buying stuff online. Somehow, I have let my Gmail account become nearly as bad. In Yahoo, it’s American Airlines, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc. clogging up my inbox, in Gmail it’s content — some of it very relevant — from travel bloggers, writers, etc. but it’s to the point where it’s too much to consume.

Not only am I missing out on some great tips and advice, I’m leaving some money on the table.

For example, I found these in my Gmail account when wading through hundreds of emails last night: a $50 spa gift certificate from my sister-in-law (thanks Elyse!) and a $50 credit for creating a photo book through Blurb. I got the emails last August and September. I have been to the spa several times since then AND I created and paid for a photo book for Lee for Christmas/Hanukkah. ARGGGGHHHHHH

So the email is relatively clean for now … but it won’t stay that way & now I have folders of stuff to read. Anyone got any ideas? Ironically, I bet somewhere in the avalanche of material there’s an email about how to organize and manage email.

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