I’m a writer afraid of writing a blog.


My reflection in a mirror on a Duck Tour in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Yeah, well that’s what happens when you get a journalism degree and spend your career working as a newspaper reporter then as a public relations professional in a corporate setting … you get used to writing either objectively (shut your face to all you cynical people who don’t think journalists can report objectively) or writing speeches for CEOs in their voice. Their voice.

What does my voice sound like? 

Friends tell me I’m funny. Bosses say they can’t tell when I’m being serious or sarcastic. I sometimes say things just for shock value alone. But saying something funny or inappropriate feels butt-loads safer and forgettable than carefully crafting a blog post and having it live somewhere that can be referenced by lawyers or scientists studying warped minds.

However, I actually have a lot to say and I’m best at putting my thoughts together in written format. That’s why I really want to write a blog. I just hope I’m still funny after I’ve stopped and thought through what I have to say!

Will writing what’s actually on my mind get me in trouble or hurt someone’s feelings?

Possibly … guess I just need to get started to see how honest I feel I can get here. So bear with me as I find my voice. The look and content of the blog might change a little until I get the microphone tuned properly.

I’m calling my blog Next Door to Normal because that’s where I think I live. Many of my thoughts seem unusual and some of the decisions I’ve made for my life are unexpected. I’m figuring that I will want to write about those decisions and about my interests: travel, photography, writing, animals, sports, the Mizzou Tigers, family, friends … and random silliness. Because I’m pretty sure that’s the main characteristic of my voice.

~ Melinda

p.s. Want to see what I do to bankroll my luxurious lifestyle? Check out my writing and photography portfolio at www.melindaschnyder.com.