Hands-down and hands-free: my pick of Verizon Bluetooth headphones

Verizon's LG Tone Infinim headset

Verizon’s LG Tone Infinim headset

I’ve been in the market for a pair of high-end headphones to use to listen to music as well as to conduct hands-free telephone interviews. Verizon Midwest provided me with two different Bluetooth options to try out for several weeks each: Tracks Air by Motorola X SOL REPUBLIC and the LG Tone Infinim headset.

These were two completely different styles but I wasn’t sure which I would prefer until I tried them out. The Tracks Air is an over-ear headphone while the LG Tone Infinim headset sits around your neck.

Tracks Air by Motorola X SOL REPUBLIC

Verizon’s Tracks Air by Motorola X SOL REPUBLIC

While music sounded great on the Tracks Air, telephone conversations didn’t sound as good. Those on the other end of the line said I sounded fine, but the over-the-ear design made me feel like I was talking in a small enclosure. My own voice echoed in my head. My husband used the headset to mow one day and that same design was a plus when it came to canceling the noise of the mower.

LG Tone Infinim headset

Verizon’s LG Tone Infinim headset

Hands-down, though, the LG Tone Infinim was my favorite of the two because of the versatility of listening to music and making phone calls. I have small eardrums yet the earbuds fit well. I loved that the cords for each earbud were retractable since I always seem to get headphone cords tangled within minutes. And, surprisingly, the headset was so light that I actually forgot it was sitting on my neck (it weighs less than 2 ounces).

Disclaimer: Verizon provided three-week loaners of each headset for purposes of this review. Views of the products are my own. You can find more reviews of Verizon products and accessories on Instagram and Twitter by following the hashtag #vzreview.


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