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The wildest animals we saw at the Grand Canyon: French girls

grand canyon lodge north rim

Lee looking into the canyon from the Grand Canyon Lodge at the north rim.

So there we are, taking our first looks at the majestic Grand Canyon from its north rim. It’s 9 a.m. and we’ve brought our breakfast with us to eat as we gaze at the colors and shadows on the formations in the morning light.

We are in the main lodge building of the Grand Canyon Lodge, which is the centerpiece of the National Historic Landmark lodge and cabins on the edge of the rim. I’m taking photos of Lee looking out into the canyons from the three large floor-to-ceiling windows in a cavernous recreation room filled with leather couches and chairs.

“What are those girls doing?” I hear a nearby couple talking to each other. “I can’t believe they are in heels out there.”

I move up to the window to see what they are talking about and sure enough, there are three 20-something females standing on a point of the rim that juts out. Two are posing like Miley Cyrus at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards for a third, who is taking photos.

Lee and I laugh, shake our heads and move out to the terrace where we can have our breakfast in the fresh air.

travel_nr gc squirrel looking over canyon.jpgtravel_nr gc squirrel on hind legs.jpgtravel_nr gc squirrel teeth.jpg

As soon as we take our food out of the backpack, we are visited by a friendly squirrel – clearly a master at begging for scraps. I put the zoom lens on my Canon and start taking photos of the cute critter when my eyes get diverted back to the rim.

The photo shoot has continued. The girls have stripped down to bra and panties and are striking poses. Then the bras come off. Someone shouts down to them, “Kiss her.”

{OK, I made that last part up but if I’d thought faster I would have yelled it!}

These iPhone images will give you a perspective of the position of the formation where they were standing. Oh, and by the way, it was about 40 degrees outside!

travel_nr girls small 1.jpgtravel_nr girls small 2.jpgtravel_nr girls small 3.jpg

Since I had the zoom lens on (for the squirrels, remember?) I took some photos but have to admit it felt a little exploitive so I stopped after taking a few {and making sure they were in focus}. But hey, it’s not like I went to some club and sneaked in my camera {don’t try this, you’ll get banned from the property…so I hear}.

I’m at the freaking Grand Canyon trying to get my nature on and these girls decided to put on a show. In public. In front of huge viewing windows of the main building at that north rim. This is how I’ve rationalized that it’s OK for me to post these images.

So here ya go – the wildest animals we saw on our 10-day trip that started in Las Vegas and circled the Grand Canyon. By the way, we ran into the threesome a few minutes later on the trail {fully clothed} and Lee thinks they were speaking French.

North Rim Girls 1

travel_north rim girls 2


travel_north rim girls 3 copy

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