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In search of: someone who believes M-P-3 is an F-A-D

Do you own more than 10 CDs?

Do you quickly tire of getting up from your davenport to change those CDs?

Are you unfamiliar with the term MP3?

If so, I have just the item for you! No more aches and pains from swapping out your extensive CD collection: the Kenwood CD player with 200-disc changer will change your life. Guaranteed, or your money back. {Called the number on my pre-paid legal card and they advised I remove this line.}

According to Kenwood’s owner manual:

This unit can accommodate up to 200 discs and can be used like a home jukebox. Text information (disc title, track titles, names of the artists, songwriter, composers, etc.) recorded on the CDs can be easily called and displayed in alphanumerics. Desired tracks from up to 200 discs can be selected and programmed in the desired order (maximum 32 tracks).

Wow! Kenwood had playlists before we even knew we wanted playlists! This is ahead of its time … if you are living in the 1990s.

In all seriousness, this item is for sale. Make your best offer. I’ve seen similar items on Ebay going for $50-100. We mostly just don’t want to trash it and would prefer to deliver the item in person so we don’t have to ship 17 pounds of hi-fi greatness. Oh, and we’ll even throw in some handcrafted mix CDs. You like gangsta rap, right?

The player/changer works perfectly and the unit is in great shape physically. We are selling because we just prefer the sound of our 8-track and cassette tapes.

The Kenwood CD-2260M/DPF-J7010 comes with:

  • original instruction manual
  • remote control unit
  • power cord

We’re hoping it might be useful for a small business owner … or the person described above :D

Here are photos of the actual unit you would be purchasing. If you have any questions, please send us a fax.

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My dog’s life

Some of you might have seen my Facebook post when our 15 1/2-year-old rat terrier, Astro, died in October 2012. I’ve tried writing some posts about her this week to celebrate what would’ve been her 16th birthday on April 15. Not quite ready, I guess. Lee isn’t the only one having trouble getting used to a dog-free home. So I’m going to share that post with those of you who didn’t know Astro or aren’t connected with me on Facebook. Below it are some of my favorite images of her.



Once called the world’s most photographed dog, Astro is no longer available for pictures.

She was born in April 1997 on a farm north of Newton, Kan., and became a birthday present for MeLinda from Lee. She lived all of her 15 1/2 years in Wichita and despite Lee & MeLinda’s frequent traveling only ventured as far as Missouri.

She shunned formal education, instead learning through the school of life how to shake and to snag from the air the treats we sat on her nose. Rather than the full roll-over move, though, she perfected the belly-rub move — the pay off was much better.

From 1997-2006, Astro starred in the Schnyder’s annual holiday card. She despised the costumes and ridiculous poses forced upon her. She had no choice at the time but it was no coincidence that the few items Astro chewed to destruction belonged to the photographer.

Her hobbies included regular walks through the neighborhood, laying in the front window for hours and hanging out with Lee while watching sports (despite her name, she rooted for the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals).

If you haven’t hugged your dog today, go do it now. If you don’t have a dog, consider adopting one from a local no-kill organization or donate to Best Friends Animal Society


She loved her sun spots.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

Astro was a happy rat terrier.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

Ears down — the usual pose when she was having her photo taken.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

Lee making her work for a treat.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier with cat

She loved to play with my mom, and my mom’s cat.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

Always waiting for Lee to come home.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

A rare photo: her ears were usually laid back when she knew I was taking a photo. Her eyesight was pretty bad by this time, so maybe she couldn’t see the camera.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

One of the last photos I took of her.

Our dog Astro the rat terrier

I love coming up with captions for what she was thinking in this picture.


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Tripping: America’s oldest ballpark featured in Jackie Robinson movie “42”

Rickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, AlabamaRickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama


Last week while on a road trip from Wichita to Atlanta, Lee and I heard about a baseball field we needed to see in Birmingham, Ala.

As America’s oldest ballpark, Rickwood Field is on the National Register of Historic Places. As we stepped onto the field and had the chance to talk to a groundskeeper prepping the field for high school games that afternoon, we learned that Rickwood is more than a ballpark; it’s a living history museum that transports you back in time, and it’s starring in a movie that opens tomorrow.

Opening day for Rickwood was in 1910, two years before Boston’s Fenway Park and four years ahead of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. It was home to Birmingham’s minor league team and hosted minor league and Negro League games from 1910-1987. Nearly five dozen members of the Baseball Hall of Fame played at Rickwood. Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Dizzy Dean, Satchel Paige, Willie Mays and the list goes on and on.

America's oldest baseball park - Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama

Lee at Rickwood

About a year ago, Warner Bros. came to Birmingham to give Rickwood a role in its much-anticipated movie about Jackie Robinson. “42” stars Chadwick Boseman as Robinson, who broke professional baseball’s color barrier 66 years ago – April 15, 1947 – wearing uniform No. 42 (which has since been retired from all major league baseball teams in his honor). Harrison Ford plays Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey.

If you see the movie, watch for scenes shot at Rickwood. The field was used to replicate Forbes Field in Pittsburgh as well as Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, N.J., where Robinson played for the Montreal Royals while working his way through the minors to play for the Dodgers.

Rickwood even got to play itself. Robinson played there in 1945 against the Birmingham Black Barons while playing for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League.

Today, the field hosts amateur leagues, high school teams and the annual Rickwood Classic – which brings back to the field the Birmingham Barons (who now play in a new suburban stadium). A non-profit group, Friends of Rickwood, raises funds to maintain and continue to restore the field.

seats at Rickwood Field, America's oldest ballpark, in Birmingham, Alabama

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Crazy weather pix

75 degrees in Wichita yesterday, opened the windows throughout the house

32 degrees today, took photos of ice on the trees in our backyard

wichita kansas spring weather means ice on the budding trees

Spring in Wichita means ice on our budding redbud tree

 Spring in Wichita means ice on our budding redbud tree

Wichita Kansas spring weather means ice on our budding redbud tree

Wichita Kansas spring weather means ice on our budding redbud tree

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Free concerts in Atlanta: Macklemore, Gym Class Heroes & more

One of the cool parts of Final Four weekend in Atlanta was a series of free concerts called The Big Dance. We saw Gym Class Heroes (Stereo Hearts, The Fighter) inside the Georgia Dome on Friday for a short concert before the collegiate all-star game. On Saturday, we saw Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Thrift Shop, Can’t Hold us, Same Love) then Ludacris (Act a Fool, How Low) at an outdoor venue near the arena.

There were other performances we wanted to see — Zac Brown Band, Flo Rida, Muse, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Sting — but the timing didn’t work out since we were there to see Wichita State playing the NCAA tourney. And while the crowds were manageable on Friday night, game day on Saturday was crazy with thousands of fans there for the concerts PLUS the 80,000 going into the arena for the games. We were able to get pretty close to the stage for Gym Class Heroes but as you can see from the photos we were far from Macklemore. The sound was good, though, and the large screens helped us see the stage.

Gym Class Heroes performing at Georgia Dome

Was really hoping for an Adam Levine appearance during this Gym Class Heroes concert on Final Four Friday in the Georgia Dome

Macklemore Thrift Shop performance in Atlanta

Macklemore really was “in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road” while performing his hit Thrift Shop in Atlanta’s Centennial Park

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