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Start where you are

Lee & Melinda in the Bahamas in November 2012.

These days, I feel like I can’t do anything unless I first Google it.

“hiking in South Carolina”

“making magic brownies” {oh, that was research for a friend}

“choosing a web host for my new WordPress site”

“ranking players for 2012 fantasy football” {that didn’t work out so well, shoulda just gone with my gut}

So I Googled “making my first blog post” and the only link that caught my eye was from, where the writer was celebrating a year of posts. She shared that her very first post was inspired by the thought to “start where you are” rather than try to tell the past and future of your story.

Sounds good to me.

Here’s where I am to start 2013:

  • I’m 41 years old.
  • I live in Wichita, Kansas.
  • I’m married to Lee. He & I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on Jan. 15.
  • We travel a lot. Short weekend trips as well as week-long getaways to the Caribbean and other warm spots.
  • Until October of 2012, we were the parents of a 15-year-old rat terrier named Astro. Since we are kid-free, she was like our child. We had to have her euthanized but I’m certain I’ll still be posting about her.
  • I bleed black and gold for the University of Missouri. M-I-Z!
  • I’m a writer. I started as a sports journalist then moved into public relations and marketing while always keeping a toe in the freelance pool.
  • I’m on a sabbatical or a career-break, whatever you want to call it. I no longer work in an office or have a regular paycheck. I’m taking freelance assignments while making sure to leave myself time to explore new interests, new paths, new whatever.
  • I’m starting this blog! I plan to share my sabbatical journey, photos and words from our frequent travels and any other topics/activities that move me to share my opinions/experiences.

Many of my friends have been listening to me talk about starting this blog for at least a year. Thank y’all for your words of encouragement. I’m hoping to hear from many of you in the comments section! Be nice :D

It might seem like a no-brainer for a writer to start a blog, but read my About Me page and you’ll see I’ve struggled with getting started.

So here I go…I’ve started with where I am. Stay tuned for posts that share the past of my story and posts that reveal the future of my story as it unfolds.

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